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Transport is the movement of people or goods from place to place.

Transport may also refer to:

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Biology and medicine[edit]

Geology and earth science[edit]

  • Movement of products of erosion, e.g. by a river, prior to their deposition as a sedimentary rock

Physics and technology[edit]

  • Transport phenomena, in physics, mechanisms by which particles or quantities move from one place to another
  • In computer networking, the function of issuing and responding to service requests in transport layers and associated "transport protocols"
  • Transport (recording), a device that handles a storage medium and extracts or records the information from and to it
  • MPEG transport stream, a communications protocol for audio, video, and data
  • Transport (SAP), a process of moving some or all the modifications from one SAP installation to another
  • Transport layer, the fourth layer of the OSI model for networking

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